Saturday, 24 June 2017

My Favourite Freaky TV Shows - True Blood

This show wasn't just about a family but whole town and their interacting lives. The town was only a small country town and all the towns folks lives seem to eventually merge in some way. The protagonist is Sookie a waitress working in a little country bar and eating place.

Her story revolves around her relationships starting with her falling for a much older man, Bill and gradually draws in the lives of others around her, work colleagues, friends, neighbours and future lovers. It involves all the normal everyday things a town drama is known for; personal lives of it's inhabitants, gossip, crime, good times and bad. A very traditional and simple tale of a small town and its inhabitants who just happen to be mainly vampires, fairies, werewolves or other inhabitants of a shape shifting world.

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(Hmm reading back maybe still not so freaky, maybe my freaky dial is faulty.)

Friday, 23 June 2017

My favourite freaky TV shows - Addams Family

The everyday story of a new family moving into a new neighbourhood first went to air on the 18th of September 1964. At the heart it was a very traditional story of an extended family and their everyday lives and tribulations. The one main thing that always stood out and made this family drama somewhat different to many other family shows was that this family actually cared about each other.

The husband and wife really were a love match. As an extended family of three generations they of course had their private squabble occasionally but they always stood together by the end of the show. Their tastes in furnishings were somewhat eccentric, hobbies somewhat macabre. They had a retinue of staff that could on first meeting be unnerving to any new visitors.  Yet all their staff were very loyal to the family, from Lurch the butler to 'Thing', a disembodied hand which given how adapt it was at tasks would have seem to be an asset to any home. The families pets were also apt to take visitors by surprise, yet I'm sure Kitty cat really did only want to play. I guess some people are scared of cats, though why they tried to always run, I've no idea.

Sadly the family didn't always seem to be accepted in to their neighbourhood, it was very hard to see why as when viewed aside of their neighbours the Addams seemed the most decent and rock solid family in the area.

A catchy theme tune that stuck in your head was the hook that drew you in and the family were one you wanted to be part off. Good solid homely fun.

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Edit - Opps I've just realised this blog party is suppose to be about the freaky,
sorry I've written about such an ordinary family TV show, I should have 
concentrated more on their everyday neighbours, now they really were quite freaky. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Beautiful Freaks Fest 2017

The most delightful, freaky and deliciously wicked ladies of blogosphere are having a party Magaly Guerrero and Emma Yardis of Little Gothic Horrors are hosting a Beautiful Freaks Fest, June 23-25 2017. So time to let your personal freaky side out to dance around and put on a show. Click on the picture link to sign up for the party and find out more.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Please Mr. Postman, have you a letter just for me?

Ebony sighed as she picked up the post off the mat, a brochure on coffins for her father and two magazines for her mother, Midnight Style and Gothic Housekeeping. It wasn't what was there so much as what wasn't, with a heavy heart Ebony realised another Valentines day would pass without any card from a beau. She'd long since ceased to count the card that appeared under her bedroom door every Valentines Eve. Her mother was not the subtlest of people and creating a sense of curiosity was not her strong point either as a card signed with just the letter B and a picture of a bat had proved over the years. While Ebony loved her loyal Batty pal in a way that not even a beau could replace in her affections, she was not blinded to the fact that he could not write let alone go and purchase a card.

Placing the post, such as it was, on the tray in the hall Ebony walked dejectedly into the library, alongside Batty, books always provided comfort. She curled up in the big chair near the fire and took down the biography of her several times great grandfather to read through once more, though of course the ending was so sad, but then as her father pointed out it was a biography. She really wished someone would write a new version someday as she rather thought the writer of this one, a certain Bram Stoker seemed rather biased against her illustrious ancestor. Still she still love to read it and of his story on arriving in this country and his attempts to be accepted in to high society, his numerous love affairs and adventures. It all sounded so thrilling, life just wasn't like that anymore in the 21st century, at least Ebony had seen no evidence of it.

Maybe it was exiting in some places, she'd seen some of the modern vampires who had actually become film and TV stars, she was sure they must have glamours existences. Her mother of course didn't approve of such things, called them imposters. In fact she seemed to disapprove of most of the modern world. She nearly had a fit when Ebony came home with sparkles in her hair after a short holiday with her lovely but rather eccentric Aunt Corvidia. She threatened to ground Ebony for a century, remove the TV and no more visits to her Aunt who was now classified as a bad influence. It took quite some time for her father to calm things down again. Ebony settled down to read, if life wouldn't provide any excitement she'd disappear into her books.

The letter box clattered once more, strange, we hardly ever get a second post anymore, 
that is something else that seems now to belong to another age.


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Victorians and the Undead

The Victorians had a fascination with death, it was after all a very common place occurrence. They developed elaborate mourning rituals, found a fascination in all things spiritual including the occult. So I guess it's not that much of a surprise to find that they are also responsible for many people's current perception of vampires. These creatures of the night had existed in story, myth and legend for many centuries before the Victorians sanitized them but before they had been seen as an little more than possessed zombies, an abomination to any idea that they had human characteristics. The Victorians change that image into the one we more associate today with vampires, one where they fit and blend into our society and wreck havoc from within.

A holiday in 1816 with a group of friends who were to become some of the most influential and long lasting authors of their day, Lord Byron, John William Polidori, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Claire Clairmont was beset by torrential rain, which force the party indoors and out of such fates of nature the sparks of some of the best loved Gothic literature were born. These include Frankenstein and the re invention of the vampire legend. John William Polidori took an idea from various fragments of work written by Lord Byron on that holiday and in 1819 a new type of vampire appeared in the story 'The Vampyri, this vampire entered high society as a man not a beast in the form of the character Lord Ruthven. This simple beginning was to influence the vampire genre going forward and right up to the present day.

It was the start of an interest in vampires that grew rapidly during the Victorian period. The horror mixed with thoughts that such a creature of terror could mingle among the well to do proved an irresistible mix. Add in new printing techniques and the rise of serial newspapers and magazines and the stories just grew. Varney the Vampire written by James Malcolm Rymer in 1845 was the first to be serialized in such publications and so reach a wider audience. The vampire had by now moved with easy from a gruesome undead creature into someone quite capable of blending in and stalking it's prey in the drawing rooms of high society. As with most things Victorian, morals and taboos of the age started to be added ever more to the mix. The notion of the deserving and the undeserving, virtue and moral lassitude, sexual attitudes of the time were all thrown in the pot for the vampire loving public to digest and be either repulsed by or intrigued.

In 1897 the classic story of Dracula was born from the pen of Bram Stoker. It combined the now literary acceptance of a creature of the night who could blend in to society with older ideas of a malevolent  spirit with powers of the supernatural. The Victorian reading public lapped it up. Written in the epistolary form of letters with added ephemera documents like diaries, ship log accounts and newspaper articles this tale has now been told in countless ways through books, films and plays. It has spawned ever more tales of the undead that has not ceased to this day. Thanks to the Victorians our love affair with vampires seems to have no ending.

Still from the latest modern TV adaption of the story of Dracula.

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